The Brand


If you put in a shaker a bit of the strong Basque character, the limitless landscapes of the interior of Sao Paulo, the commercial spirit of the Catalans, a good pinch of Mediterranean creativity and as a final touch the refinement and culture of France, the result you will get is Mariane Henrique.

His Basque ancestors emigrated to Brazil, where Mariane was born, in Sao José Do Rio Preto. This city located in the center of the state of Sao Paulo, is characterized by the prioritization of culture and environment, which was the childhood background of Mariane Henrique, Brazilian by birth, Catalan by adoption and French by marriage.

In 1982, Mariane emigrated to Barcelona, just before it became the trendy city it is today, then in full rise. There she discovered the Mediterranean, Minorca, Cadaques... And it was there, that absorbed by the cultural atmosphere that surrounded her, she began to develop her creative vein.
Like any good ram, she likes to be a pioneer, which she has always been, no less than today. Her ideas are always original and daring. In interior design, she has made extraordinary furniture for her projects, which are always crazier and more diverse than the others. Fairy-like children's rooms, furniture with wings... And always with a perfect and precise combination of colors. The success was then immediate.

But Mariane is not one to rest on her laurels, she is casual and innovative. When for family reasons she moved to Paris, she felt the need to get involved in fashion. How could she not? In the European capital of fashion, Mariane found the inspiration she was looking for and that's how, little by little, her first collection SaKoloKo was born.

They are different bags, elaborated in a handcrafted way in Spain and Portugal, with first quality European materials and with special designs, because one of the objectives of this artist is to make every woman who wears her models feel unique.

Once again, success is knocking at her door. Why is this? The reason is quite simple, when an artist enjoys while creating, the work turns into pleasure, and it is from this same pleasure that the art flows.

"I hope that every time a woman wears a SAKOLOKO, she will feel unique"